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The boss of the bosses in a street hustle such as drugs,gun runnin,
Scarface,John Gotti,Jimmy Hoffa,G.O.D. (from In Too Deep)
by Carrion October 15, 2003
A derogatory term used in the Tribes game universe to describe the act of sniping on the enemy's side of the map.

While often thought to be illegal, this notion has no basis; o-sniping is perfectly legal and often a powerful tactic that the enemy will have difficulty countering because they spend too much time whining about it.
"He accused me of o sniping, so the next time we got into a disc-duel I just popped him in the face with my laser rifle from like 40 feet away, and asked him if that was o-sniping too. Then he kicked me cuz he was a douche."
by Carrion March 08, 2006
1.snot,what comes out of your nose when you blow it
2.something nasty
2.Yo this chick i met was straight boogers.
2a.i fucked this chick and the pussy was boggers
by Carrion October 16, 2003

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