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Budding religion being promoted on the internet. Based around the movie The Matrix. Practicioners believe that we are all prisoners in living in a cell that we cannot see or smell or touch. The key to open the door to perception is often thought to be LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. Along with some other laws Matrixism allows for polygamy and same-sex marriage while outlawing pornography and professional sports.

There are several interesting parallels between the Matrix movies and the New Testament:

-In both cases, they start off with a somewhat reluctant Messiah figure who somehow transcends mortality before whizzing off into space (end of the first Matrix movie, Jesus' bodily assumption into heaven).

-Said Messiah figure says many interesting things, such as "Blessed are the meek" (New Testament), or "There is no spoon" (The Matrix).
Given the success of New Testament Christianity, Matrixism may well have what it takes to be a contender on the world's religious stage.
by CarolLinX February 03, 2006

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