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Heartagram from the Band HIM
Not Bam margera
It means love metal, life and death good and evil by combining the inverted pentagram, and the heart
Why do you like the heartagram so much are you in love with Bam? Fag.
No i like HIm you rat bastard!
* Proceeds to strangle misunderstander with their own innards*
by Carm and Bucky December 26, 2004
1. similar to frumunda cheese, or the chesey shit you find under your nutsack near the gooch, quite similar to belly button lint. often the reason for scratching your nuts till you break the skin and profuse bleeding occurs.
2. Schmegma on Toast, also known as S.O.T., is a popular band in the ridgewood area, you should all be lining up right now to lick my schmegma away. hazaa bitches.
"This schmegma tastes good on my toast"
"yea i know, its like an orgy in my mouth, where'd you get it"
"it was under my nut sack near my gooch"
"i know"
"blow me"
by Carm and Bucky December 26, 2004
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