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Seat at a poker table from which statistically unlikely bets/calls succeed at an unlikely rate. See also: Jammy Get, Spawny Bastard.

Suggestive or indicative of unnatural luck: a wan seat.
Player1: "You just called my trip aces with an inside straight draw with one card to come and completed your straight on the river to knock me out and win £1000."

Player2: "Why of course. I am sat in the Wan Seat. What else did you expect to happen?"
by Carlos The Diesel January 24, 2006
One who fills their petrol powered car with a more dirty and less refined fuel - namely diesel.

Effects are known to kill car if not already dead. It makes your car badly beaten, scratched and has go faster stripes hanging off and a Jesus sticker on the back.

'Glid the Diesel' would approve of this method of propulsion as it's eco-friendly effects are stopping the engine from working completely.

Conversion costs:

1 tank diesel £40
AA membership £50 per year
Repair work to engine £100
1 tank petrol £40
Total £230

The mechanics are happy with this work as it keeps them in business.
My name is Joe - I have a pertol car. I think I'll fill it with diesel. That makes me a Diesel Jockey
by Carlos the Diesel June 24, 2004
A shit car.
Look at that old banger, it's f**ked - it's definately an F425OOU!
by Carlos The Diesel June 29, 2004
Glid the Diesel's wife. (in his mind anyway)
I'm gonna be late home by 3 minutes. I better phone gorgeous to let her know otherwise she'll get medieval on my arse!
by Carlos The Diesel July 29, 2004
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