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A single pubic hair, especially around the butthole.A person is refered to as such because he allows himself to be shit on.
Este tipo es un pendejo.
by Carlos Ramirez September 26, 2003
fat fuck who takes special interest burrito contributions from Taco Bell.
That fat ass Bustamante is a good contender for tonight's burrito eating contest.
by carlos ramirez September 25, 2003
The sort of tragic young homosexual scene-queen that is obsessed with the faux-distressed clothing they purchase at the AF stores
"Oh God those Abrezombies, I don't want to be them!"
by Carlos Ramirez April 18, 2005
a talented veggie homo who is the godfather of britpop
Though Moz is gay, he is still cool
by carlos ramirez June 28, 2004
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