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When a man has sex with a woman so that he is behind her and she is facing a window. The man has his friend hide in the in the room and during the middle of the act the man pulls out and his friend takes his place so that the woman does not notice. The man then runs outside and waves to the woman from outside of the window.
Me and Jim pulled the houdini perfectly last night. The girl had no idea how I escaped.
by CareyB May 13, 2008
When you say something that you later regret. Usually refers to times when you tell an embarasing story to your friends because you think it is funny, but they then use that story to make fun of you.
Dude, stop telling people about that time you saw your grandma naked. Your sticking your penis in an electrical socket.
by CareyB May 25, 2008
Money given in exchange for a share of goods or services.
Dude, do you want a chip for the beer you bought?
by CareyB November 05, 2009
One who attempts to hook up with fat chicks and is, in most cases, denied.
Dude, that chick Carl tried to bring home had to be like 300 pounds. Good thing she already had a boyfriend. He's such a twigg.
by CareyB July 10, 2008

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