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A high school on Kings Highway located in Rosslyn Farms, PA. Usually graduates about 150 - 250 people per graduating class. This high school is combines the outcasts of Crafton, Carnegie, and Rosslyn Farms and trys to "teach" them. Teachers are C level at best and the most technological thing in this school is a vending machine. The principals are usually out of touch a-holes. The only good thing to come out of this school was Bill Cowher and that was 20 yrs ago.
College Admissions: Looks like you got straight As. This is very good.

Potential Student: Thanks I tried really hard.

College Admissions: The only problem is that you went to Carlynton, expect to see a rejection letter in the mail.

Potential Student: Aw man, what am I supposed to tell my mom when I didn't get accepted at Pheonix Online?
by CarGrad July 17, 2009

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