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A term used to get out of an awkward situation by making it even more awkward. While other people are thinking "WTF?", you run away. A perfect distraction really.
Tom:Dude remember Judy from highschool? I just hit that shit!
Chris:You know thats my wife right?
Tom:Uhhhh..... Giantpurpledinosuarfuck!
(Tom proceeds to run away, taking advantage of the awkwardness he has created)
by CaptainTophat December 21, 2011
A phrase used in a time of distress or discomfort. An alternative to "ah shit!" or "Ah fuck!". ONLY to be used in times of distress or discomfort otherwise the phrase loses it's meaning.
Teacher: I want a three page essay on (Insert book title here) tomorrow.
Student 1: Wait don't we have that science project due tomorrow? I haven't even started it man.
Student 2: Yeah we also got that math test.
Student 1: Ah Sugar Tits!
by CaptainTophat February 09, 2012
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