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Misspelled (go figure) response definition to a cycle of behavior whereby a person (alcoholic) trades one drug (alcohol) that is holding them back/wreaking terrible destruction in their lives with another drug that can be very psychologically addictive, though inherently less harmful(marijuana), but that will--if taken heavily, as is often the case--just usually perpetuate the cycle of addiction and lead to relapse with the original drug of choice (DoC).

The great thing with 'the plan' is, once you get used to the daily weed sessions and and realize nothing helps those recurrent head-fucking-a-vise-in-swirling-free fall hangovers like deep, triadic bong hits, then you've got TWO habits to deal with and pay for. Great plan.
"Hey, have you seen Brule Jerkwater around lately? After he lost his job at Volkswagen, was divorced by his husband, and got into that unfortunate attempted manslaughter accident with Santa at the shopping mall, you know, I really thought he had it in him to stick with the program and get clean. I saw him sitting quietly always eating that big bag of Doritos for months, but he seems to just have quit coming."

"oh yeah, I forget to tell you, he was working in the kitchen at Applebees with my druggie stepbrother for a while, but then they both got caught making thousand island pot sauce after close one night and got the axe. Last I heard he was working for the carnival and back to drinking handles of rum.

"Goddamn that marijuana maintainance (sic). They always think they can trade one for the other. Motherfuckers don't get it: we can't handle on-tap euphoria."
by CaptainDooDoo July 02, 2009

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