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a hot dog

Yo, cook me up one of them lips'n'asshole, and put lots of mustard on it.
by Captain Unicorn May 08, 2003
Style of dress that makes a woman look like like a whore. (see: hookerific)
Man, that broad with the see through blouse and tight skirt is sure sluttastic.
by Captain Unicorn May 05, 2003
An asshole who is also a complete idiot.
You Fucktard.
by Captain Unicorn May 09, 2003
The ultimate word that can be used to describe every sort of emotion depending on inflection.
Most commonly used when feeling apathetic.
by Captain Unicorn May 08, 2003
Managing to have sex with 3 generations of one family. ex: Grandmother, Mother, Daughter.
I can't believe John almost had the generational trifecta but came up short on the daughter.
by Captain Unicorn May 08, 2003
used to describe your lovers exceptional abilities in bed.
Sean's girlfriend bragged about how gifted he was.
by Captain Unicorn May 07, 2003
Jimmy give me a dirt.
by Captain Unicorn May 09, 2003

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