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An inconspicuous being, usually referred to as a succubus, that flaunts provocative characteristics in order to obtain specific information regarding a touchy subject.
Conner often falls for the tactics of the Lilrio
by Captain Sweetpants March 15, 2010
An infection caused by the voice of the one they call "Schroedawg" that infects one's ability to function normally in a public enviorment. Two stages of infection: STAGE ONE - Lirio. The only cure to Lirio syndrome is to feed the hunger for answers that could have been synthesized in your brain if you were paying attention. Second stage is inevitable. STAGE TWO - Stage one is followed by a rage classified as Lilrio. See term for definition.
I'm so not looking forward to that damn class..Facebook always distracts me and I get infected with Schroedism.
by Captain Sweetpants March 16, 2010
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