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Butt nibblets are the small particles of poop that you find floating behind in a toilet after someone has flushed.
Man Ed must have had corn last night he left a ton of Butt nibblets in the can.
by Captain Spanky January 22, 2007
Bulls Milk - The Man juice from a Bull. Unknowning persons have successfully milked (so they thought) a bull.
The secret to Ed's youthful look is a pint of freshly squozen bulls milk.
by Captain Spanky July 28, 2006
The correct term for Poopy Finger is the unintentional slipage of your finger off the tolite paper onto you greasy butthole, resulting in a "POOPY FINGER". If not washed will result in a nasty stomach when pablo servers you your soup. See Poopy Soup!
Pablo's poopy finger in my soup tore up my stomach....
by Captain Spanky October 24, 2007
When a man is walking in front of you and stops short, you run into him with your package.
I caboosed Ed yesterday when he stopped to tie his shoe.
by Captain Spanky August 14, 2006
The act of sucking a penis.
Man did you see Sue knobbing the new boss.
by Captain Spanky July 21, 2006
To get cobbed is to be smooth talked into having a penis inserted into you anus as its a good idea, only to realize when it's in your actually getting shafted by the man.
Damn eBay just cobbed the hell out of me, with there price increase.
by Captain Spanky July 20, 2006
When Pablo sticks his "Poopy Finger" in your soup when he serving it up. Resulting in a tore up stomach..... See Poopy finger.... Butt Nibblets.
I lost about 10lbs crapping when I had Pablo's poopy soup.
by Captain Spanky October 24, 2007
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