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A dead body found in the water.
The Coast Guard pulled another floater out of the river today.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008
A French Gay Jewish Nigger. Slang for the bottom of the barrel racial slur magnet.
That fucktard, you know, the Frenchy Gay Jew Nigger just stole my Slim Jim.
by Captain Slappy March 01, 2009
When you are recieving head, pull out and squirt her in the eye. Then kick her in the shin. When she's hobbling around with one eye, you steal her purse and run.
I banged a highclass callgirl and made money in the deal, I gave her a Dirty Jewish Pirate.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008
A punishment aboard a ship or boat in which the offenders arms are tied to two seperate ropes. He is then thrown off of the ships bow and hauled under the ships keel (bottom) from bow to stern. Ships keels are covered with barnnicals which are sharp ans shred skin. Half the sailors do not survive this punishment due to drowning or loss of blood.
The Ships Bosan's Mate is going to be keel hauled by the Captain for stealin rum.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008
To fake paper work
Man, Leroy totally pencil whipped that safety checklist.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008
When you blow a load in your girls butt. She then runs to your neighbors house and blows the load all over thier cars windshield.
That bitch next door shitty pelicaned my car again last night.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008
A term for someone who's dick is so small they piss on thier nuts.
That Guy's junk is so small he's piss nuts.
by Captain Slappy July 10, 2008

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