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3 definitions by Captain Robot

Interchangable with 'Fuck', very common with West Midlands vowel sounds. Generally not used as a present tense verb ('let's fock' sounds too aggressive)
You fockin' what?
I'm focked! / Get focked!
by Captain Robot March 13, 2006
120 41
A poor person, used as a term of offence for people who look scruffy, dirty or are just generally poverty stricken. Use in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire has been recorded for the best part of the last 15 years.
"What a bunch of fuckin' riffs"
"Get lost you riff"
"I'm not goin down the Duke, it's well riffy"
by Captain Robot March 14, 2006
36 34
Interchangable with the word 'Idiot'. Someone who is stupid.
"You fuckin' meph"
"Oi, meph-head"
by Captain Robot March 14, 2006
22 37