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female version of "I need to complain"
"We need to talk" will often be said after toilet seats are left in the upright position, and/or you come before she does and/or in the event of forgotten anniversaries.
by Captain Rad November 22, 2002
A riceboy's mum's car that is kitted with as much shite as you can stkc to a car without defying the laws of dynamics.
<sitting behind some compact car with a sub thumping so loud it rattles every panel>

Sheeet man...thats a buzzbox!
by Captain Rad January 09, 2005
Words uttered by tard to express excitment, normally expressed whilst rubbing hands together in a clockwise/counterclockwise motion
Tard: Wheres the bulls joe? Wheres the bulls?

Joe: Errrr, Over there!

by Captain Rad January 09, 2005

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