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The act of seeking out and consuming whole packets of biscuits from a late night news agent or 24 hour petrol station after a night/evening out.

After a night of pubs, clubs and gigs, one might find themselves craving hobnobs, or chocolate digestive biscuits, or chocolate caramel digestive biscuits in the early hours of the morning, often on the journey home. Biscuiting participants will usually be traveling on foot, but may find a willing driver to complete the mission. note - The verb is 'To go biscuiting', not 'To biscuit'
After making it home from London to Brighton, the boys went biscuiting in the nearest available 24 hour petrol station, hoping to satisfy the post gig hunger with a packet of Rich Teas, and fuel the remaining journey home.

by Captain Mischief November 08, 2007

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