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6 definitions by Captain Jen

someone who is stupidly insane, irritating,whorish, or sometimes scary
"man, since her botched boob job, becky has turned into a total psycho hosebeast"
by Captain Jen August 26, 2003
1:doing something that is very ghetto, or "black"
2:being as black, or blacker than wesley snipes
man, that guy is wesly snipin' it
by captain jen August 26, 2003
the practice of removing a segment of cranial bone;thought in ancient times to promote creativity and clearer thought. in some areas of the world, it is still a practice
This TREPANATION in my head has provided me with new insight...everyone should have one
by Captain Jen August 26, 2003
when you devise a way to have sex with someone while 1 or more uninvolved parties are in the room without them finding out
yesterday, we performed a covert operation while his best friend was watching t.v. across the room! it ruled
by captain jen August 26, 2003
to beat with a stick
"I swear, if i catch you wearing my underwear ever again, i will FLUSTIGATE you within an inch of your life
by Captain Jen August 26, 2003
1:a scrumptious breakfast food
2:someone who is a total asshole
1:can we have pancakes before we fuck?
2:"yeah, my boyfriend is SUCH a pancake, i dont know why im still with him
by Captain Jen August 26, 2003