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When people do things that are inadvertently construed as sexual by those around them. Unintentional porn is all in the eye of the beholder. In its purest form, the "pornographer" is truly unaware of the fact that he/she is generating such fascination and horniness in his/her audience.
She's so hot that everything she does is unintentional porn to the men around her.
by Captain Drag-Ass May 03, 2009
adj. When one surrounds him/herself exclusively with those of similar religious beliefs to the extent that he/she begins to confuse baseless faith with proven knowledge.
The pastor leads such a hermetitheistic life that it's almost impossible for his new neighbor to to make smalltalk with him.
by Captain Drag-Ass May 03, 2009
To unconsciously or intentionally suck on and/or deep-throat a popsicle passionately savoring its cooling and flavor intensity.
I almost fainted when she began performing popsiclatio right there in the food court.
by Captain Drag-Ass May 03, 2009
A woman who would not be in the room, job, backstage, pageant, etc, if not for her skinny frame and large breasts.
That's the lead singer standing over there surrounded by boob trees.
by Captain Drag-Ass May 02, 2009
adj. When someone doesn't understand/heed the differences between Twitter & FaceBook choosing to post redundant updates on both.
Josh's updates are totally twidundant so I blocked him on FaceBook.
by Captain Drag-Ass May 03, 2009

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