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NOUN : A person who pretends to enjoy racist jokes told by their friends (peer pressure), while actually not approving of such slander, and not buying in to the stereotypes often exploited in such jokes.

Formed by a combination of 'race' and 'imitator', the word racitator can also be used in the case of theoretically any offensive joke, including : Sexist, nationalist, anti-gay, anti-Semetic, and so on.
'I can't believe you're just a racitator. You're so closed-minded.'
'Wait, I'm closed-minded because I don't like racist jokes?'
by Captain Dork December 30, 2004
Skippage is the proper term for all incidents when a CD 'skips', often in sequence, and unrelated to any physical jarring of the unit itself.
My CD got all scratched and now all I get is skippage.
by Captain Dork December 30, 2004
VERB : During a fight, the act of covering up your head with both forearms and cowering. Significantly decreases the effectiveness of an opponent's attacks, however, it carries a massive reputation backlash.

NOUN : The actual act of doing a turtle.

NOUN 2 : Slang term for one who has done a turtle.
'Man, I was gonna beat him down, but he pulled a turtle on me.'
'A'ight, let's do this thang. No guns, no knives, no turtling.'
'I can't believe you wimped out on me! You're such a turtle.'
by Captain Dork December 30, 2004
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