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Toreador; 1) n. A clan of Vampires in Vampire: the Masquerade. 2) n. A bloodline of Vampires in Vampire: the Requiem, stemmed from the Daeva clan.

Both versions of the Toreador are very art-related people. They both are drawn to art in all of its forms, ranging from paintings and drawings, to martial arts forms. They are obssessed with art to a supernatural scale, generally being mystically drawn to and distracted by their chosen art form.
Malachi James-Edward Mescatelli III is a Toreador living in New York, New York. He is an actor on broadway, and is mystically distracted and drawn to theatre in all its forms.

"That Toreador is an artsy-fartsy fuck. Fuck him." - Some Random Brujah
by Captain Danny July 11, 2006

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