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4 definitions by Captain Crunch

When someone is so fat that the fat on their upper and lower arms engulf the elbow, creating the likeness of a vagina.
It's a good thing she has a vajelbow 'cause she probably couldn't find her real one with a flashlight and a rib-spreader.
by Captain Crunch May 19, 2008
1. Crepes
2. While having sex in the doggy style position, just before orgasm, pull out and cum on the girl's back. Then proceed to flip her over onto her back, thereby making the small pool of ejaculate larger and more pancake-like .
1. Neekoh made me some great Bulgarian Pancakes for breakfast.
2. Afterward, we had hot hot sex. Right before I finished, I decided to Bulgarian Pancake her. She was shocked at first, but she loved it.
by Captain Crunch August 27, 2005
To make yourself strong... on the inside or on the out.
You must big up yourself to survive.
by Captain Crunch October 18, 2003
Noun. 1. Boobies
If you go to Hooters, you see Breasticles.
by captain crunch March 14, 2003