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The cereal that Chuck Norris eats for breakfast
Arnold Schwarzenegger: "As the govenator of California, I will try my best to get us through the credit crunch!"

Chuck Norris: I eat Credit Crunch for breakfast!
by Captain Corned Beef March 29, 2009
1)A phrase of exclamation said other than "holy s**t" or "what the f**k" and so on.

2)Just corned beef that is smoky

3)A big monster man who is made of corned beef, he is famous for his highly expensive cigarettes that he smokes
"Smoking corned beef!, Chewbacka is Luke's father!!??"

"Smoking corned beef!, that turd just ate Chuck Norris!"

"Smoking corned beef!, Gordan's alive!

"Smoking Corned Beef!, Midna is a princess!, screw Zelda shes hot!

"Smoking corned beef!, I can't think of any more examples!
by Captain Corned Beef April 28, 2008
1)Something that is quite far from the truth or has just slipped past the truth (like slippy beef)

2)Just beef that is slippy like a bannana skin or something.
"SMOKING CORNED BEEF!!, I just killed the dog!, I knew I shouldn't have fed it caviar!"

*wife walks in*

"Oh sweet mother of beef!, what have you done to Mr Snuffles!?"

*husband thinks of some slippy beef (thinks of a lie)*

"Seriously dear he had a heart attack, I heard him squealing and I came in as fast as I could, but Chuck Norris had already escaped!!"

*wife obviously thinks he's lost the plot*
by Captain Corned Beef April 28, 2008
Sugary, smelly and it is homemade, straight from the bowels. Where taste is concerned, knock yourself out!
Oops, I ate too many sweets, I feel terrible, well I'm looking foward to a turkish delight tonight!
by Captain Corned Beef March 29, 2009

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