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Where one being wraps their arms around the body of another being and holds them close for a moment. The psycho-physical message is along the lines of: "It's okay, I've got you"

Is mostly non-sexual, unless you go for a grope halfway through it ;)

Not strictly limited to humans, hugging can be done by other species, replacing arms with wings, tentacles, hooves, etc....
Within friendship, hugging can be a great way of expressing support and platonic love :)
by Captain Capable September 29, 2012
That white oversized beach-balloon thing off of the cult 1960s psychological British spy TV-show "The Prisoner" (the one with Patrick McGoohan). Rover acts as the disciplinary force in a disguised detention centre for spies ("the village"). Upon finding an escapee, rover pounces on them and knocks them out, then carries/drags them back.
Patrick McGoohan almost escaped in the first episode of "The Prisoner", but then Rover caught him and foiled his escape :/
by Captain Capable February 28, 2012
The paradoxical concept that most hipsters now find themselves in - the fact that to be a hipster is to oppose all things mainstream, but now being hipster is mainstream.
Damn, I canz not be hipster anymore, too mainstream! Damm hipster conundrum haz I...
by captain capable November 14, 2012
A word that people who are too scared/polite/reserved to voice their own opinion use to describe those who don't give a crap and are bold enough to speak their mind.
This Urban Dictionary definition of controversial is rather controversial, as it directly criticises people who accuse other people of being controversial.
by Captain Capable October 06, 2012
Sometimes abbreviated to RWDS - it is a condition which affected people most recently in England, around the time when Prince William and Kate Middleton (now Princess Katherine) had their wedding. The condition's leading cause appears to be the general atmosphere created by such an occasion. Specifically it is when people get fed up with all the media focus and people generally getting too excited about the wedding, tas well as certain companies producing Royal Wedding condoms.
1) Man1: "Are you watching the royal wedding tomorow?"
Man2: "No man, I got Royal Wedding depression syndrome!
Man1: "Seriously man? That's too bad."
Man2: "No I haven't really got it, I just couldn't give a shit."
Man1: "..."
by Captain Capable May 08, 2011
1) An activity where one person pokes another person and the other person pokes them back, resulting in a continuous 'Pokewar' - the end of which may never occur.

2) Similar to the above, except that the pokewar is hosted by some form of social networking site - eg; Facebook, MSN etc...
1) Pete: "POKE!" *pokes Sally*
Sally: "Hey!" *pokes back*
Pete: *pokes back*
Sally: "Don't turn this into a Pokewar!" *pokes back*
etc etc...

2) "Me and my friend John have been at our Facebook pokewar for three months non stop! I hope he gives in soon, I'm gettin tired of it"
by Captain Capable May 08, 2011
Abbreviation for "You're entitled to your own opinion". Synonymous with "fair enough" or "I can't really come up with a good enough counter-argument for what you've just said, hence I am going to play it safe by dismissing the choice of arguing as unnecessary".
Person1:"This band rocks man!"
Person2:"No way! The singer's so drunk that he sounds like a recruiter for the Legions of the undead zombie whordes from Valhalla"
Person1:"Yetyoo dude, Yetyoo..."
by Captain Capable June 25, 2012

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