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Also known as cumshot failure or cumshot fail. When a porn actor or anyone tries to shoot cum on a girl's face and the cum doesn't shoot but rather just droops out and misses her face, in a last resort, he tries to get that last drip on her chin, she even has to scoot up a bit to keep it all from drooping down to her tits. Basically it's a pitiful amount of cum and with no firepower, just drops not shoots, not worthy of being called a "cum shot"
Guy shoots,

skeet 1: misses her face and lands on her belly or tits,

skeet 2: she now knows he's a cum fail so she scoots in closer, skeet 2 just barely hits her chin

skeet3: dumb-ass figures he's not gonna squirt so he finally puts his lamerod directly over her mouth to drop in the last drop, she pushes up spit mixed with cum to make it look like there was more cum that landed in her mouth for the benefit of the camera

by Captain Beef Strogginoff October 29, 2010
When a guy is watching porn and just in the moment of ejaculation the video switches to a shot of the male porn actor's face, or the male porn actor pulls out to change positions without any warning such as a slow dissolve. Or any undesired shot that pops up just when you're cumming. Further examples: shots of the guy's ass hole while camera is underneith a doggy-style position, any shot where you can see the guy's ass hole or it's too close to the camera, or any shot where the female leaves the screen. They spoil your apex and make you want to start over in many cases.
You're better off watching POV if you're going to jack off, or you run the risk of catching a cum-spoiler right in the middle of your nut
by Captain Beef Strogginoff October 29, 2010

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