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28 definitions by Captain Awesome

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
I attend school at MIT.
by Captain Awesome August 30, 2003
A very pretty comic at www.asofterworld.com. It is so pretty.
"I lost my mind in a softer world."
by Captain Awesome February 04, 2004
dork, loser, clueless idiot
Albert is a total nine-ball.
by Captain Awesome October 27, 2003
Fucking clown is one of three things, a literal, fucking clown, or a clown you decided to add the word fucking infront of, or some bastard that pissed you off because he was being a jackass.
Get the hell out of the way you fucking clown.
by Captain Awesome February 25, 2005
Spooge-rag is another word for jizz rag, aka a soiled kleanex.

Spooge-rags are slimy or crunch if they aren't fresh.
Kile is a spooge-rag, and never gets any poontang.
by Captain Awesome February 25, 2005
A kleanex or tissue or other fabric item used to clean up semen.

Another insult, saying someone is basicly lower than spooge, the thing that cleans that shit up.
I walked in Kiles room and stepped on a slimy spooge-rag on the floor.

Kile is a spooge-rag.
by Captain Awesome February 23, 2005
Someone who is undesirable, to be around or communcate with. Heavily resembling an ass possibly crunchy, stenchy, or even shit covered.

I claim this as my own.
.....Ant then we have assy magee over there who needs to through himself of a cliff, and soon.
by Captain Awesome February 26, 2005