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The awkward "falling to the court" celebration performed by a tennis player after winning a match.

The classic crumple features a twisting contortion of the upper body while the legs fold underrneath. Crumpling is highly ironic in that it usually follows spectacular feats of physical skill and endurance. Crying (for men) is a common, but not required, punctuation to the crumple.
Announcer: T. Ennis serving for match point here at 40-15.

Sound effect (p-thok)

Announcer: Buster String goes way wide to get it and belts it to the deep corner, but Ennis LEAPS AND PUTS IT AWAY FOR THE MATCH!

Sound effect (crowd roar, clapping)

Announcer: Ennis court crumples to celebrate the victory. That was lame. At least he's not - wait - yeah, he's crying.
I wish the men were more manly like the women.
by Capt. Craptastic May 18, 2010

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