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The pet mouse from "The Green Mile". It was killed by the nasty guard (percy wetmore) that wet himself, went crazy and committed suicide. John Coffey later brought the mouse back to life.
Look at Mr. Jingles, he does all kinds of tricks!
by Capt Craptacular September 27, 2006
The burning sensation in your lower intestines, butthole and crack upon defecation that feels like an actual jalepeno exiting the body. This typically follows a spicy meal that probably contained jalepenos.

Also See Explosive Diarrhea
After eating at Taco Bell, Doug suffered for 3 days from jalepeno ass.
by Capt Craptacular September 27, 2006
Something so filthy that it causes insanity.
After looking at his room, his parents suffered from insanitation.
by Capt Craptacular September 27, 2006
Tiny fairies that come in the middle of night to exfoliate the inside of one's nose from snot and debris. Complimentary package of tissue left after every visit. Boogers are recycled for later use in the war against terrorism.

See Peter Pan, Tooth Fairy
During one of her worst colds, Tina received a visit from the booger snatchers.
by Capt Craptacular September 27, 2006
Vacationing without women to get in the way. Done in the name of camping, fishing and beer drinking. Ranch(er) handling sometimes also involved.

See also: Brokeback Mountain, Brokeback Boozin
Nathan and Fred are always excited when it's time for their mancation.

Ted bought new deoderant and cologne for his mancation with Joe.
by Capt Craptacular September 27, 2006
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