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an insiders definition of a Greaser:

having an affinity for a point in time and history where:

*cars were built to last

*street gangs werent about drugs guns and murder but friendship and a good time

*it was safe to walk down the street late at night

*family was the most important thing in everyones life

*people actually cared about others

*music told a story and wasnt meaningless jabber about drugs, money, cars, B**ches, hoes, and other material posession of the sort.

(a subconscious protest against present day mainstream america meant to insipire nostalgia and remind the world of a better place and time)

greasers are usually characterized by their cuffed blue jeans, pompdours, flanel or white shirts, switchblades, dr martins, chuck taylors, pre 65 cars, and fondness for rockabilly music and other related styles of music.
the people in the movie deuces wild.

look at what Dave is wearing, he is such a greaser.
by Capo Di Tutti Capi July 12, 2006
To receive sexual favors from a girl after buying her chipotle
Guy 1: Hey, I heard you got head from Amanda after you two got chipotle last night
Guy 2: Yeah man, I got chipotlaid.
by Capo di tutti capi December 01, 2013
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