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2 definitions by CapnWeasel

That particular kind of humor where, you know, you feel awful for laughing but it's so freakin' funny. Hysterical + terrible = hysterible.
OMG that midget porn was hysterible! I couldn't stop laughing, even though I know I am going to hell for watching it.
by CapnWeasel December 05, 2008
Similar to a booty call except that when you arrive for your booty, you discover the person only had intentions of cuddling. Like a cuddle call, except the callee doesn't know they're not going to get any until they get there. A false alarm, if you will.
Tim was so psyched when Jenny booty-called him, but when he got there, he had major blueballs since it turned out to be just a buddy call.
by CapnWeasel December 05, 2008