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The Spanish form of vah jay jay. Vs are pronounced as Bs. Jotah is how you say J. Therefore Bah jotah jotah. Very popular with high school kids because parents, teachers and school staff already know what vah jay jay means.
Austin: "Dude, she totally just got her bah jotah jotah slapped."

Veronica: "You know it, yo."
by Capital V May 26, 2007
something or someone that is too cool for any other word; alternative to saying "cool" because it is over-used
That new Franz Ferdinand album is cretaceous , man.
by Capital V December 17, 2005
When any object is thrown/catapulted/dropped or in any way made to hit a man's balls with painful intent, that object becomes ballistic.
Veronica: Hey Chris! *throws apple at Chris' testicles*

Chris: AHMAHGAWD!!!!!!

by Capital V October 23, 2007

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