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Noun: Adj: A complete beach bum. Knows how to drink and will infact go drink for drink with anyone. Knows how to throw it down any night of the week, and still be up for work the next morning. Weekends..actually everyday, consist of a beirut game and tokin' up. Dance like crazy, are cute as hell, hate tourists, and can drive everything and anything. Party on the beach at any time of the year, but still know how to do it up at any house party. Can spot a bon fire from a mile away. Laid back and chill. Might as well be the OC, just not as rich. Are the absolute best.
1: Dude, u wana go to the beach??
2: Aright yo, lets go smoke a bowl first
1: thats straight. Lets goooo
2: Oh, theres a huge party tonight down on Chapin
1: NIIIIIIICE dude, i love bein a cape girl
by CapeLove12 September 27, 2005

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