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2 definitions by CapeLocal

A town located on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It’s divided into several villages, all different in their own way.

Start with the villages on the North, located on Cape Cod Bay. The North has mostly normal wealthy people.
West Barnstable- has Sandy Neck, one of the biggest beaches on Cape Cod. The entire town is nice and it still has its "small town" feel.
Barnstable Village- It is home to Barnstable Harbor, Millway and Cummiquid.

Now lets look on the South, located on Nantucket Sound; much different.
Cotuit-. People here tend to have a stuck up attitude of "being from Cotuit" even though it means nothing.
Osterville- Regarded as the nicest village in Barnstable. Has Dowses Beach. The locals only beach.
Oyster Harbors- Richest place on Cape Cod. Mansions sit empty most of the year as "summer cottages".

Marstons Mills- The average part of Barnstable. People here range from rich to bums and many are referred to as "Millbillys".
Centerville- Much is overdeveloped and people tend to stay crowded in.
Craigville- Part of Centerville located on the water. Has Craigville Beach. It’s the tourist beach and no true locals ever go there. If they do, it’s to annoy the tourists.
Hyannisport- Very wealthy small village. Famous for being the home of the Kennedy Family. Squaw Island, the golf course and the breakwater are all located in this small area.
Hyannis- Immigration happened and now it is the lowest place on Cape Cod. The only nice parts are on the water.
North and South Barnstable are so different!
by capelocal January 06, 2014
The worst pest on the face of the Earth. Looks like a horsefly, buzzes like a bee, bites like a f***ing shark. Local mostly to marshes and swampy areas on the East Coast, it's a rather bland looking little bugger that bites you, spills your blood, then mashes its head into the open wound and spreads its (nonfatal-but-painful) poison all over it. The wound hurts like hell and bleeds a lot.

And there are a lot of them.
Tourist: "Look, a mosquito!"
Local: "Pffft..."
Tourist: "Look, a wasp!"
Local: "Pfft."
Tourist: "Is that a horsefly?"
by CapeLocal July 17, 2013