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4 definitions by CantorJohn

Fear of Santa Claus
Little Harry took one look at the bleary eyed old geezer with a white beard and did a runner. It was a bad case of traumatic claustrophobia.
by CantorJohn November 15, 2010
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A virus connected to a spoof internet advertisement. When you click on the ad it infects your computer often telling you that you have a virus and asking you to purchase a program to get rid of it.
I keep getting a flashing icon telling me my computer is infected - which it isn't . It is really bugging me cos if I ignore it, it installs a program and then wants paying for it! I must have clicked on some maladware.
by CantorJohn March 02, 2011
3 2
When two people are polite and friendly towards each other but actually detest each other.
Are you nuts? That was just a case of convivial hatred. She will now make it her mission that none of that stuff gets implemented!
by cantorjohn November 26, 2010
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When a singer gets tense knowing that there is a high note coming up.
One of the contestants in the singing contest started singing in a strained way when the notes were not high or difficult. Then it became clear that he was suffering from vocal vertigo in fear of the high note to come.
by CantorJohn December 09, 2010
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