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a sweet way to write pimp using brackets a couple capital ds and a v.
dude1:man why all the girls be talkin to you?
dude2:cuz im a D v D
by Cant find a name June 23, 2005
quite possibly one of the best rap groups of all time andre 3000 and big boi
Im sorry Ms. Jackson (wooo)
I am fo real neva meant to make yo daugta cry i apologise a trillion times
by Cant find a name June 22, 2005
being redneck and ghetto at the same time.
wearing a big ghetto fab necklace and a dukes of hazzard t-shirt
charlie heater of grafton ohio
by Cant find a name June 26, 2005
something bad, or somthing good
1.Dude yo shoes stink somthin fierce.
2.Damn dude that kickflip was fierce.
by Cant find a name June 22, 2005

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