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1 definition by CannonballJ

People who call real juggalos juggahos are juggahos, and posers. If you think that ppl are juggahoes cuz they listen to Eminem that also makes u a hipocrit, cuz u yourself is a juggahoe. I know juggalos who listen to only psychopathic records, everything, only ICP, and a lot of Eminem. Use of the word 'wigger' makes u a juggaho as well because ICP talks about Anti-Racial and Anti-Prejudice matter, look up the definition of bigot. fuckin juggahoes .
Eric- you gay wigger, you'll never be a kool juggalo like me. you probably listen to feminem.

Jesse- occasionally i do listen to Eminem, Im not a wigger, and u are a complete juggaho.

fuck juggahoes.
by CannonballJ November 12, 2007