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A name given to a person like, well, me. Stoners are often claimed as being wretched violent people when the fact is we aren't. Marijuana is a relaxant, therefore we are just chilled and tend to be generally slower than most. And to those people who claim they are real stoners because they smoke 3-5 times a day...Bro, get a life. You aren't a stoner, you just don't go out much. And also to those who believe that weed isn't as bad as a cigarette or alcohol..WRONG! Cannabis contains more chems than about 11 cigs. Nothing wrong with it though. So, light up, sit back, enjoy.
Me: Hey man, what's up?
Buddy: Nothin', how's the growing going?
Me: Not good, Alex fucking forgot to give me some more seeds, he wants his ganj so bad, he needs to hand me the seeds, bro.
Buddy2: ....I forgot, you sordid bastard.
by Cannan April 28, 2004
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