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1 definition by Cancerous1

1. An NFL American football franchise whose fans think they are winning the Super Bowl every season.

2. A team whose owner tries to buy a Vince Lombardi Trophy every year but fails miserably at it.

3. An NFL football franchise whose fans have lives so meaningless, it's all they have to cheer for. I mean, seriously, they call themselves "hogs". That has a lot to do with their logo....
1.) "Dude, the Redskins are going to the Super Bowl this year." (Heard 5 months before the new NFL season even begins).

2.) "Dude, Redskins are the shit, they signed (insert aged overpriced free agent here) it's the last piece of the puzzle!."

3.) "GO REDSKINS! GO HOGS! Even though we have nothing to do with pigs...."
by Cancerous1 July 12, 2008