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Refereed to the male reproductive organ, usually meant as a humorous remark towards another.
Billy's, has Anne seen your big anaconda?
by Canadian July 30, 2003
Simulating the pulsating lights at a large dance party in a domestic setting by rapidly flicking the light-switch.
The Cheat is grounded! We installed that light switch so that you could turn the lights on and off, not so you could throw light-switch raves!
by Canadian November 13, 2003
1. To lack attractiveness in appearance with respect to cultural or ethnical standards.
2. Something that is distrot or bent out of shape
1. Man that girl is quite gimpish
2. Man that looks gimpish
by Canadian July 30, 2003
The aroma left after man sex.
We could tell by the musk in the room that steve and justin had been going at it.
by Canadian November 08, 2003
To firmly place a pillow over the face of the girl your fucking in order to muffle her voice.
She was screaming so loud that I had to muzzle her.
by Canadian November 08, 2003
a pack that contains 3-9 trading cards of any sort.
Children often spend 5$ each for pieces of cardboard... sigh
WEEEEE i got this holofoil card in my booster pack!
by Canadian May 13, 2004
1. To feel angry
2. To adore something to an extreme level
1. I am mad bob

2. I have mad love for Suzy
by Canadian July 30, 2003
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