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An absolutely depraved sex act that is illegal in 24 countries worldwide. Involves maple syrup, the Stanley Cup and moose antlers. Once the said items are assembled and a Shop Vac rented, the debauchery begins. The act of Canada's History generally begins by lubricating the chosen orifice liberally with maple syrup. The owner of the now syrupy orifice is then strapped to the Stanley Cup and has the moose antlers affixed to his/her/it's head via the leftover syrup. Participants (generally 2-14 people/Canadian animals) then sled down a hill while engaging in a wild syrupy orgy.
"I'm not gay, but if Stephen Colbert asked me to Canada's History with him I'd be down like a dress on prom night."
by Canada'sOfficialHistorian February 14, 2010

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