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Campers, by definition, are people who position themselves in one spot and stay there for extended periods of time, usually either to guard an objective or to surprise unwary passer-bys. Flamed the most on the ever-popular Counter-Strike. Campers are usually hated on by anyone that doesn't camp because people seem to think that getting a kill while running in front of 10 opponents is smarter than picking them off by surprise. It's sad to say, but people are so impatient that they're willing to call you a camper just because you stand in a spot for more than 15 seconds. The whole reason why people get mad at campers is because either 1.) They died because they decided to try and be "skilled" and ran out into the open with their gun firing only to be shot at by six other guys, or 2.) Someone who is too afraid to look for the camper because of the fear he will be killed, thus lowering his score. Just because someone decides to hide behind a box so he can kill people that pass by doesn't make him "n00b". If he's a "n00b", what does that make you for getting killed by him. If you're good enough to call him a "n00b", why don't you just...check around instead of running past him like an idiot and getting killed, it's not that hard

The gist of it: A group of people with patience and strategy hated on by idiots and impatient 13 year olds with autism and/or ADD.
"It's 1 vs 10, I think i'll camp so I can pick a few of them off first."

Camper's dead teammate: "OMG HE'S CAMPING NOOB"

Camper kills someone

Camper kills admin
by CamperStrike July 30, 2007

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