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A danger-prone machinist who often breaks things around the workplace. Usually clothed by some form of camoflague, particularily on their safety glasses.
Who broke that machine?
Must have been that Camo Dan over there.
by CamoDAn October 15, 2010
A clever rhyme, often nonsense, that resembles the work of Dr. Seuss.
"What does my story lack? What would improve it?"
"Make it more Seussical. That's always good."

They threw he dirt high, up high in the sky, I swear this as true, I swear its no lie.
by CamoDan October 22, 2010
An imaginary dish created by bean companies to sell regular (meat-free) beans as a special product.
Well, you're out of luck. I'm out of non-vegetarian beans.
by CamoDan October 22, 2010

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