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"A ritual in which an Italian impotent Prime Minister assumes Viagra, and have anal sex with several minors and women, who pretend to have an orgasm in order to obtain a job in TV or in Politics."

"Rituale in cui un primo ministro mafioso, pedofilo ed impotente assume viagra in endovena, si sdraia e fa passare sopra di lui una schiera di minorenni e future ministre, le quali poi si siedono sul fallo del Premier simulando un organsmo anale onde ottenere una parte in TV e/o un posto come deputato, ministro, assessore ecc. nelle file del "Partito dell'Amore".
Bunga-Bunga treatment have been witnessed by 17 years old Moroccan girl Ruby. It is likely that other minors such as Noemi Letizia, and Regional politicians, female MPs and Ministers, as well es TV soubrettes (such as those recommended to the former TV-director Saccá) have also witnessed and submitted to the Bunga-Bunga.
by CamilloPian November 16, 2010
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