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Bel Air High, also known as "where the tree at", is a institution of secondary education that produces geniuses and masterminds. I.e., that genius who decided to steal a car while drunk, while high, while smoking a blunt, with alchohol in the car, without a drivers liscence. Not to mention that amazing mind of crimal intelligence sitting in cell 4 in the maryland state juvinelle detention center.We have mastered the art of putting depressants and stimulants into our blood stream's. On an average day, the normal belair-ian wakes up, goes through his phone book to see who's hott for dope, sleeps through his education, get's kicked off the soccer team, hits a bong, and passes the fuck out. Only to repeat the vicious cycle the next day. Everyone at bel air fuckes everyone else. Its a "tight" circle of "close" friends that all fuck each other, and their best friends boyfriend, and their boyfriends best friend, and their girlfriends best friends mother. Don't come to bel air and expect your mom's vagina not to be beaten up, it will inevidably happen, don't try and hinder fate. The school building is ultimatly leaking asbestos into the ozone layer right now. Everyone will inevidably blame George Bush when global warming happens and we all fry like a stoner on his 4th ounce of the day, but nah, that was us Oh yeah, and that whole 9/11 thing, that was us to. The school is full of preps that try to do the whole "i think i'll wear a low cut shirt and inconspicuously try and have boys look down my shirt and get erections". Happens every day. BA sluts have got more silver hoops that the special olympics. Cheerleaders are skanks, fuck one and i guarentee, you'll have contracted syphilis, crabs, gonerhea, or chlymidia. The football teams starting line up is about 10 guys weighing an average of 120 pounds.Enough Said. We have a boys volleyball team, why none of us can figure out yet. Maybe its to give the guys that don't make the football team a hobby or something to do, because honestly, society will forever refuse to believe that volleyball takes any skill what so ever. The lacrosse team goes to team AA meeting and drug testing. Harford county goes through 98% of their urine sample cups a year just drug testing the bel air lacrosse team. Teams at bel air don't seem to understand the concept of.. win. Life ain't chill when you lose at everything, or when you don't have weed. HA, like that would ever happen, belairians grow their own, theres never a shortage. Fights go a little something like
" eeehhhhhhyyyyy, im about to fuck that nigga up. "
"do it, i dare you"
"ohhhh homie, you a little bigger than i though, i'm not tryina get knocked the fuck out"
BA is the home of beerpong, its the only thing were ill at, don't that that away from us. Once upon a time there were a group of morons that smoked up behind the school, in open daylight, when there were teachers and cops outside. But who cares, i mean honestly, life if grand when your hitting that reefer. At bel air we have an elite core of individuals that lead our academic ranks. They are inagurated into presigous instiutions such as HCC & Essex Community College. We hate C. Milton Wright, and Fallston, not to mention North Harford. I mean, like we have probable cause, they are better than us at everything. One of these days Bel Air High School is going to collapse and topple to the ground killing all the rats that live in the girls locker room couch. In conclusion, one of these days students at bel air are going to seize reality that bel air is a place of narcotics, beer, dope, and sex. You know you've got a problem when the school them song is "where the nug, where the nug, where the nug at?!" So please, get a grip on reality, smoke a joint, and pass the fuck ouuuuuuuuuuut.
"God damn it, who took that 8th ounce of weed."

"Nah its beat, i can't chill dude, i've got my 4 drug test in 3 days."

"Lets get naked and fuck each other, see who gets herpes first"

"Im acctually a mad smart kid, to bad i fucked my brain over with weed and cocaine"

"Bel Air High School, why don't you just fall down, its not like i'll feel it anyway, i'm to fucked up"
by Camille Robinson September 10, 2006

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