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any "selfie"style picture that includes more than just yourself (non-human subjects included).
Text Message: "Did you just see that weefie of Courtney and her besties? It's like how many clowns can you fit in a VW! Lmao!!"
by CamiRae Walter December 29, 2014
a compulsive disorder wherein an individual is compelled to constantly be involved (directly or in an ancillary capacity) in OPB (other people's business) and somehow manages to bring out the worst, or highlight the negatives in any given piece of information, and MUST pass the news along to at least three other people.
Cubicle deskmate to "new girl" in the office: "Be careful about Phyllis, don't ever say a thing around her. Bless her heart, she suffers from Nasty Nose Syndrome."
by CamiRae Walter April 15, 2013
a person who adds definitions to dictionaries
My dad is always submitting words to Urban Dictionary. He thinks he's a hotshot dictionarian!
by CamiRae Walter April 14, 2013
an acronysm for "orgasm in your mouth," used to describe such delicious food that it's better than sex.
I had dinner at Cami's last night and her cooking is totally OIYM!
by CamiRae Walter April 14, 2013
an emotional/mental condition wherein an individual is so malaligned with the culture lived in that it brings on anxiety, stress and an inability to adapt to the culture they are immersed in.
a californian trying to live in the deep south or vice versa could become victims of cultural dysmorphia because their cultures are diametrically opposed.
by CamiRae Walter April 14, 2013

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