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2 definitions by Cameron Montgomerie III

cunted when one's perception of reality is depleted. (adjective)
like when your sitting at 11 at night on a wednesday evening realising that youve not been to bed for a couple of weeks and the only word youre able to articulate is fennell or fennelled
by Cameron Montgomerie III April 23, 2004
a word that describes something you are unable to pronounciate and/or a magical land similar to that of narnia where the law is marshalled by henry and his band of mandrils
Son:mother would you be able to pass me the mumchance?
Mother: certainly son-the mumchance is good isn't it?
Son: yes mum the mumhance smells of mum
lets go and visit henry in mumchance im sure we could get extremely fennelled there.
by Cameron Montgomerie III April 23, 2004