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Random garble made up by a random person. It is used to express boredom.
So-and-so says:
by Cameron April 14, 2004
To eject from both ski's whilst wiping out on a ski run or jump.
Q. Was that wipe-out a double or single ejection?
by Cameron March 30, 2004
Holy Shit Balls
Holy shit balls!!! The Germans are attacking!
by Cameron May 12, 2004
A term created by no-life gimps who can't fight anyone in real life so they have to diss gamers on the internet
Wow I'm cool because I can diss someone on the net! Oops time for my pills!
by Cameron July 30, 2003
A formula one team that established back in 1985. Probabably one of the most unsuccessful F1 teams to date having never won race, made podium and their best ever race finish being fifth. Each year they gouge millions and millions or dollars out of oblivious sponcers so they can keep their inferior cars spinning off and blowing engines. Even with all that I still personally have compassion for Minardi as they have always had some of the best looking cars on the grid.
A double DNF for Minardi again.
by Cameron December 11, 2004
Equivalent to pwned, owned, j00d, laviowned, etc.
"Oh, you got pontooned."
by Cameron November 07, 2005
When one's mouth waters uncontrollably due to the introduction of food that smells or tastes exeptional.
That steak causes what i'd call an oralgasm if i wasn't drooling all over myself.
by Cameron November 01, 2004

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