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An expression of disdain exchanged in whispered tones when the type of toothless, obese, meth-addicted, inbred, poverty-stricken, trailer trash that normally shops at Wal-Mart is spotted in a higher-class establishment nearby.
"I was shopping at Target today and some mouth-breather was rummaging through the Garth Brooks CD's while her unwashed rug rats tore the store apart. I think Wal-Mart is leaking."
by CambAngst June 08, 2007
Forgoing the traditional Spring Break excursions in favor of sitting around, getting righteously stoned with your friends for a week.
John "So where did you go for Spring Break this year?"

Bill "Nowhere. We had a little Spring Bake at Mark and Eric's apartment."
by CambAngst June 08, 2007
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