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Creator of Maplestory and a variety of other MMORPGs. They are known for profiting off a kid's addiction to their game and taking advantage of the situation by offering their NX cash.

Nexon has awful customer service. In fact, if you log a ticket (Nexon's way of getting in touch with them) to give feedback about the game they will automatically close it.

Nexon is also known for its incompetence. They continuously extend server check and patch updates. Furthermore, bugs and glitches are always present throughout the game, mainly including random disconnecting.

The company's incompetence does not end there. Hackers can easily penetrate their defences. Hackers rampage Maplestory by duping items, inflating prices, and demeening efforts of legit players.
Nexon is not worthy of Maplestory.
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by Calvinist March 19, 2008
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