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A great MMOFPS, much better than counter-strike because it is free to download and play. Currently in the Beta 4 stage it should go for full release sometime this winter. There are 5 different classes of playable characters (Engineer, Medic, Scout, Combatant, Heavy-Weapons) each with their own specialties. Each character starts with base weapons and then more powerful weapons can be leased for certain amounts of time. There are also three different types of combat, Close Quarters Combat (CQC), Urban Ops, and Battle Group. Vehicles are a great addition to the game and there are many from motorcycles, tanks, airplanes, helicopters and even boats. The best part about it though is the Punk Buster software that prevents hacker and cheaters alike.
Wow man, you were right. War rock is way better than Counter Strike. I don't know why i played that game for so long.
by Calvin7658 November 20, 2006
When you are really high and you listen to the song champagne supernova and watch the visualizer on iTunes.
"Dude, that iTunes visulizer changed my life"

"I know, it is a Champagne Supernova"
by Calvin7658 November 25, 2006

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