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A website similar to myspace where members can join a chatroom and watch their friends on webcam.

strangers sometimes come into rooms and are very rude.
Dude Vikkie is giving a free cam show on STICKAM

lets go watch
by Calvin Riley June 28, 2007
It is something, anything really, a movie, a book, a different seat in a restaraunt, a contract, anything.
It is something that appeals to you more than whatever you are primarily dealing with. attractive alternatives occur in daily life almost every minute.
GUY 1: Im really bored!! I've seen this movie already

Guy 2:Well, i have An Attractive Alternative to what we are currently doing. There is this band playing, they are called AAA, they are a really hip trio, lets so watch them play!

GUY 1: That does sound like An Attractive Alternative, lets go watch them play!!
by Calvin Riley June 25, 2007
Term to describe when a girl has a noticeable amount of facial hair. It comes from when a person has mustard, ketchup etc. on their face from eating food, and also french girls, since they sometimes do not shave.

So French Mustard is a combination of the two.
Friend 1: Hey how did that blind date go??
Friend 2: Oh, well, she had a nice body and all, shes actually nice, but i noticed some French Mustard.
Friend 1: Ohhh, thats a boner killer. well, she can always shave it off.
Friend 2:True she could shave, but how do i tell her to without being an ass?
Friend 1: I guess you cant, you will just have to deal with the French Mustard.
by Calvin Riley June 23, 2007
Musical instrument store that usally carries all types except orechestra instruments.

Have more of a variety of guitar than other chains such Sam Ash.
You can talk down the price on most guitars and amps, even get a free case if you deal right.
i bought a guitar for 500 out the door, even though the price tag was 549.99 with tax not included, at guitar center
by Calvin Riley June 23, 2007

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